Getting the right size.

Getting the right size.

How to get the right clothing size to minimize and avoid returns.

Let’s be honest, clothing online shopping can be a gamble. The sizes vary extensively across different stores and brands. At times, shipping back the wrong size can be a major hassle. But then again….even if you are not a big fan of online shopping, you can’t deny the incredible deals that come with it. In addition to that, online stores are super convenient. Grabbing a new dress online saves a trip to the store where you might not even find what you’re looking for.

Getting the Right Size

What does an online shopper do when it comes to interpreting the size to ensure that everything fits? Just a great handful of tips to guide you in the right direction and assist you to walk off with the right size always:

1. Measure Yourself 

That is the first thing you need to do, measure yourself. A size 10 in one brand may feel like a size 12 in another OR a size S in one brand may feel like a size M in another. So it’s preferably imperative to go by your body measurements instead of your actual dress size.

Measure your bust, waist and hips. To do this, you need to measure around your chest for bust, around your belly button for waist; and around your hip bones for your hip measurements. Pen down your these measurements and keep them handy when ready buy clothes online.

2. Get The Size Information 

Almost, every online clothing store has a product size chart dedicated to sizing information, trust me this can be a lifesaver when you’re spending money on items you can’t even try on. PLEASE …….Don’t disregard it – explore it!

Before you begin adding clothing items to your shopping cart, make sure you’re clear on the online store’s sizing policies. Even though you’re a size M in one brand, it doesn’t mean you’re automatically a size M in every brand. Some manufacturers simply fit larger or smaller, so don’t rely on the dress size until you’ve read though the information on the product size chart to decide which size would fit your measurements best.

3. Get The Fabric Type Details 

It can be quite challenging to know different fabric types when shopping online since you are not physically present to be able to touch and feel the garment. It is very important to take serious note of the product description with all its fabric or material information, including the details on the elasticity of the fabric. Sometimes you do get the fabric type but you don’t even know or can’t even relate with the fabric type given in the product description. Ensuring to get the product info on the product material from the product description before confirming the product size will save you from product returns.

4. Write It Down 

One way to shop online with confidence is with creating a size chart file that can be saved either on your desktop or laptop or any device that can save files and that can be easily accessible. E.g. When you shop online with a certain brand, enter the brand and the size you wear into a simple Word document on my desktop. Keep a running list so that when you shop online again, you can swiftly open your saved file and you immediately know which size is the right one for you. Since sizes vary so widely across the board as far as fit goes, it helps to know if you’re a size-S in one brand and a size-M in another. 

5. Familiarize Yourself With The Store’s Return Policy 

The above mentioned online shopping guidelines are there to assist you to avoid or minimize product returns. Familiarize yourself with the store return policy and be clear about it. If not clear, you can always contact the store to get clarity using the store’s contacts provided on the store’s website. Nonetheless, never buy from an online clothing store that doesn’t have a return policy. Steer clear of stores that disallow returns.


You can save an indefinite amount of money by shopping clothing online, but ONLY if you know how to select the right size every time. As sizes, brands, and fit can differ, always check into the store’s return policy before you even place an order. In doing so, you and your budget will surely look good.

Any other tips for choosing the correct clothing size while shopping online?

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