About 'B-Fashion Style & Designs'

Oftentimes in our hectic lifestyles as women, be it in the office or at home; we rarely have enough time to do our favourite activity which is ‘shopping’ for clothing. Even if we do get time, we become too lazy sometimes to go to our preferred physical fashion stores and do a proper traditional shopping because we find it too time consuming for since we have lots and lots in our daily to-do-list. What’s also more frustrating is limited access to the type of garments that qualifies uniqueness - style, class & elegance👌.Garments that can surely leave a very powerful statement whenever you put them on; which ultimately enhances your self-confidence, leaving you feeling good and loving yourself even more.

B-Fashion Style & Designs, a fairly new established women fashion brand is a 100% e-commerce store inspired by women fashion & designed to ensure that women’s favourite activity is smoothly  undertaken at a click of a button and in the comfort of your home. The store offers our customers a great online shopping experience and an opportunity to select any desired style that suits your personality. All our products are currently sourced out from China with future prospects of designing and manufacturing them locally.

Our aim is to offer that extra confidence-booster to our customers in ensuring that they look and feel good anytime, anywhere - seeing that dressing well and looking good FEELS GOOD!!

Since our store is 100% online & cannot physically engage with our customers, our mission is clear. Providing a stellar customer service in supplementing the absence of human interaction through professionalism is our pride.



Meet the Founder



Bafunani Tsholo is a mother, wife, sister, friend, an MBA graduate and a purpose driven woman with a unique sense of style when it comes to fashion. Proudly born and raised in the dusty streets of SOWETO - Meadowlands; with nothing more than a passion and a life’s dream. From an early age & during her primary school days, education has always been a foremost priority for her. She grew up believing and constantly remained focused in education up to this very day. Her motto being - an educated mind is a flexible mind. A mind that is actually clueless of what should happen, even unsure of what will unfold in this next moment....BUT burning with curiosity, like a child exploring the world anew. This mind is so powerful that it can never be enslaved; and because of its powers it can do almost anything.

Notwithstanding her education beliefs, Bafunani has always been "all things fashion". Ever since her childhood, Bafunani's mother loved & enjoyed dressing her up for her Girlie's birthday parties that she'd organize for her to celebrate with the neighborhood friends. That's where all this personal love & a unique sense of style in fashion began which she really adored & loved looking good. 

With her ICT industry background of more than 12 years in different functional roles that started off her career as an IT user-support intern. Little did she know that years later, she will give birth to B-Fashion Style & Designs………. “I’m proud to have established B-Fashion Style & Designs clothing range and also excited to share my passion in fashion with all women of high caliber”.


’Simplicity is STYLE’

- Bafunani Tsholo -