Apple Shaped Body Type

Apple Shaped Body Type


  • Rounder, wider shoulder line and flattish bottom
  • Average to big bust
  • Ribcage and back appear somewhat wide
  • Fullness around the mid-section
  • Little to undefined waistline
  • Narrow hips
  • Slim limbs and nice legs
  • Weight gains are first visible in the central torso/tummy area.


Styling the Apple Shape







The apple body shape can appear top-heavy due to a full chest and upper body with little to no waist definition.

‍To balance out the upper body, choose clothes that add curves and fullness to the lower body.

To de-emphasise the midsection and to create a more defined waist, pull it in visually.

Flaunt your assets

Highlight your best parts - usually the bust and/or legs - to help take attention away from the midsection.

  • Keep the clothing line straight to slightly fitted but fabric soft so you avoid unnecessary bulk around the bust, waist and tummy
  • Keep details above the bustline and below the hipline - for everything in between keep it plain and simple
  • Details on the hemline bring attention to the legs
  • Keep your silhouette fitted under the bust, below your arms, and along your waist
  • Wear structured garments, as they hold in and camouflage extra weight
  • Wear bright colours on your lower body
  • Avoid excessive fabric around the midsection

Define the waist

Clothes that make the mid-section narrower help achieve a more proportional body shape.

  • Invest in a good push-up bra to lift your chest
  • Opt for splits at the waist
  • Wear darker colours around your waist area – such as a dark belt
  • Clothes that skim over the midsection but nip right below the bust lift the chest and make the waist look trimmer
  • Keep your waist free from details that widen and highlight - such as light colours and horizontal details
  • Steer clear of details around bust, midriff and hips. Keep detail in top and lower third of your body