Discount Code

How do I make use of a discount code?

In any instance, you will receive your discount code via email. Once you have received a discount code, it will need to be applied to your purchase in your shopping cart, before checking out. To do this, view your cart by finding the cart icon on your screen, then selecting the “view cart” option, after which your cart window will open. You will find the “Use Discount Code” option below the list of items currently in your cart, where you will then be able to enter the code provided. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for more information.


Why is my discount code not being accepted?

You need to ensure that your order meets the requirements for the discount code to be used. For instance, you can only qualify for a once-off discounted order of a specific percentage on subscription/sign-up for this discount code to be usable and be redeemed. This type of discount code is not usable on SALE or any promotional items, and requires a minimum amount spent (please see our Terms & Conditions page for more information). If you have checked the terms & conditions of your discount code and meet the requirements, but your code is still not being accepted, please email us on and we will assist you.


Why my discount code hasn’t been emails to me, I can’t find it in my email as yet.

Please kindly check your junk email folder. In the event that there is no email with your discount code (for instance, your 10% sign-up discount code) please email