Who we are

A 💯% online fashion store curated to serve ALL women; be it working women, corporate women, women-preneurs, businesswomen or even stay-home moms who wish to enhance their looks by bringing fashion & style on the table while they focus on their daily hectic schedules, inevitability busy lifestyles that come with their own challenges. Women who hardly have the luxury of time for conventional shopping especially for clothing because in the true sense of the word.......shopping comes with a lot of admin & if done leisurely, it can be time consuming. Also, there’s not really much of a variety & uniqueness out there in what’s been offered from our conventional clothing stores.

Our Mission

We bring in convenience, rare collection, a variety of styles & options, privacy while shopping, transparency, personal attention & a great customer experience throughout the customer’s ordering process. Our taste in fashion is inspired by ‘class’ because a classy woman is forever comfortable in her own skin. We make it our business to ensure that we give you that look. The look that embraces your body, the look that displays confidence, the look that says ‘own me’ - OWN THAT LOOK!

Our Vision

Not only do we bring about a variety of carefully selected unique fashion & style for our beautiful ladies in our clothing range. We also thrive to always offer excellent service in order to gain customer loyalty and to be one of the most trusted online clothing store brand we have in history.

Our Values

Passion - We are passionate about what we do

Trustworthiness - We operate in a trusted manner

Communication - We believe in constant communication with our customers

Transparency - We remain transparent about our work

Customer Service - We serve our customers only the best 

Customer Experience - We create a great customer experience

Professionalism - We conduct our business professionally

The woman behind B-Fashion Style & Designs

Bafunani Tsholo is a mother, wife, sister, friend, an MBA graduate and a purpose driven woman with nothing else but a passion and a life’s dream. Proudly born and raised in the dusty streets of SOWETO - in a township called Meadowlands, also known as Ndofaya. 

Coming from an IT background for over 10yrs and during that period, held different roles ranging from internship and all the way to lead position for different organisations & functions.

In the midst of it all, empowering myself as a black woman through education has always been at the top of my life's priorities because I believe that education gives oneself freedom of options in any aspect of life. Education is an enabler, it enables  "open-mindedness" to be planted as a seed into ones mind when one approaches life. 

On the flip side, ‘all-things-fashion’ has been forever running in my blood stream - from my girlie years. It's been like my second nature in life because it’s what makes sense to me. The way you dress says a lot about yourself - without you saying anything. You can enter a room full of people and the first thing they'll notice is your noticeable dress sense.

With an array of being fashion inspired to being fashion inspiring & now a fashion inspiration of its kind - is what tickles me. I’d never ever in my wildest dream perceived this as a ‘passion’ until the B-Fashion Style & Designs brand was conceptualised, took shape & was birthed on the 3rd September 2020.

Passion isn’t something that lives way up in the sky, in abstract dreams and hopes. It lives at ground level, in the specific details of what you’re actually doing every day - Marcus Buckingham 

The inspiration behind the brand was so to bring about who Bafunani is for, what she looks up to every morning & how she's advocating for education. This so to inspire the next aspiring woman who might be in a position where she's doubting her abilities & capabilities.  

'Never underestimate the power of what your passion can do BUT also, never underestimate your own power as a woman' - Bafunani Tsholo